Monday, March 01, 2010

Follow-up back to Nov. 21: “I’m thankful for…reading

  YES, yes, I did receive a Nook for Christmas!  It was on backorder so I didn't physically receive it until earlyDSC00436 February but one month later I LOVE it!  I had some reservations about reading  not real books and had vacillated  back and forth about getting an e-reader since the Kindle came out. But I’ve found that it does feel very much like reading a real paper and binding book!  (I still have no intention of giving up on “real” books) The page size is about that of a paperback, there is no flickering like I’d expect from a computerized screen and the page turner is conveniently located beneath my thumb.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize…DSC00440isn’t that most every girl’s favorite fashion mantra? So, of course accessories were  my next priority.  I  agonized more about choosing accessories than I do about making major purchases; finally settling on a navy blue zippered blue rip stop cover and a book light so I’m all set.