Sunday, April 22, 2012

Birds and a cat. . .

This morning, as I caught up on blogs I follow, one of those uncanny coincidences seemed to emerge; a focus on photographs of birds and cats. 

This photo, taken near Port Aransas, Texas was an accident—just snapping away! HPIM2000 egrets cropped

I took this at Paradise Pond in Port Aransas.  Maybe a Blue Heron?

2-28-2004 last day at Port A 021

Inky adopted us several years ago.  When he first showed up he was mostly a flash of black that we saw going and coming from under our deck.  I started leaving him a couple pieces of dry dog food and soon he was a fixture on the deck.  He now has his own bowl, his own cat food, cat treats, and, courtesy of our friends Gina & Harold, he has a bed for his naps! 


He periodically leaves “treats” at our door, usually parts of gophers, mice, birds, maybe even a lizard. Last week, to our surprise he left us---yes, beep-beep---a Roadrunner!  He is a good hunter, but Roadrunners are really fast!  How did he do that?  Plus, we very rarely even see Roadrunners in our area.  (I took a picture of his present  but will spare you that image.)

What’s next Inky. . .a wild turkey or maybe a Canada goose?


There are so many Roadrunners (official name is Greater Roadrunner) zipping around that it’s not too hard to get a picture of one in Big Bend National Park in Texas.  This guy took off shortly after I took his portrait!

3-18  campground Rio Grande Village 014


P.S. No, they don’t really go “beep-beep.”

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Book Lovers. . .I am one

This is today’s Real Simple Daily Thought.  I always have Gary on one side and Dulee on my other but I have also ALWAYS read in bed and am definitely a book lover.  Oh, and look, on the night stand is a teapot and cup of tea. . .one of my other big fav’s!


Dulee, twelve pound white Bichon Frise, on our bed.


My morning cup of Earl Grey tea.  My daughter Kelle gave me this beautiful cup.


Books and reading in bed---a good thing.