Saturday, January 23, 2021

Itchy Hitch...and a reset

Still Journeyin'...

Yes, its still me and this is still my Journeyin' blog and I will still be talking about our experiences as Fulltime RVers but we have have made some major lifestyle changes.  

We did a huge reset to our lifestyle last year just a month before the pandemic struck.  We wrapped up 27 years of full-time RVing and traded our 42' Landmark full-timing fifth wheel for a tiny 25' motorhome. The one-ton diesel GMC truck left at the same time as the 5th wheel. 

The "before":

The truck is almost longer than the new little motorhome!

It was quickly replaced by the cutest Jeep Wrangler which tows behind the little motorhome. A three-week shakedown cruise in February took us to Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. And then the Covid19 shutdown happened within two weeks of our return!

The motorhome and JEEP:

The first step in our reset was purchasing a five acre property in the Hill Country of Texas with Kelle and Joe.  They have a house and we have a perfect small cottage. We really didn't feel ready to stop fulltiming but felt we needed to plan ahead for our "golden" years whenever they should happen. (To be truthful we may have hit them but we're not admitting to anything!) .We had just returned to our little cottage when Covid 19 caused the massive quarantine in our country!
The cottage:

Cottage features a little "great room" complete with "library"
 which GET built for me.

DIY Kitchen remodel in progress

I call our cottage decor style Coastal/contemporary.  We purchased the sea otter lithograph at least 30 years ago at Monterey Bay Aquarium before we went fulltime RVing but had never framed and hung it!

Lots of life changes!

One of my Grandma Lempi's teacups

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