Thursday, May 13, 2010

My secret shoe fetish. . .

Well, that’s not true, pretty much everyone who knows me knows how I feel about shoes. So, last week when I started opening my birthday cards and one after the other had a shoe theme I knew for a fact that it wasn’t my little secret. I LOVE SHOES and have since I was the age of the little bonneted girl in her white shoes!

DSCN0102 When we lived in a “bricks and mortar” house this wasn’t that big a deal. . .plenty of closet space to store many many pairs. (Well, Gary always thought it was a big deal but what does he know?) But, in 1994, when we went full time RVing it did become a big deal! There’s only so much storage space in a 36’ 5th wheel and how was I going to take them all? Easy answer: I couldn’t and didn’t…but, as with all collections, shoes multiply. On a fairly regular basis it gets to the point that when I open my (very small) closet they come tumbling out and then I tearfully say good-bye to some of them. Ah...but then I can shop for more; it’s like revolving door, in and out, in and out. DSCN0196

During one of the five moves we’ve made since 1994 an employee at the RV lot where we were making the move (male, of course!) noted that we seemed to be moving a LOT of shoe boxes from the old to the new 5th wheel. Gary was quick to point out that HE has three pairs of shoes while I was the owner of the many!

My favorite? A pair of Acorn clog-type slippDSCN0197ers. I’ve had several colors and wear them constantly until they’re much past the beat-up condition of this Navy pair!