Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Travels…Carnegie Library #62

This 1907 Paso Robles, California Carnegie is a jewel!


Stairs lead up to the entrance-a style typical of the Carnegie Library. 


An example of the exterior of the library.


A prominent feature of many of the Carnegie Libraries is a fireplace.  Most, if not all, have this portrait of Andrew Carnegie somewhere in the library, often above the fireplace where this one is located.


The library now houses the Paso Robles Historical Society Museum and has been beautifully restored following extensive damage sustained during a 2003 earthquake. It re-opened in 2009. Rich dark wood pillars, window trim and bookcases and original schoolhouse-type lighting are prominent features.


Bannister leading down to what is now the research center but was originally the children’s reading room..


The two docents I talked with were so enthusiastic about the building.  I always ask permission before taking any photos but before I could even open my mouth they told me I must take pictures!  (And While I chatted, took pictures and bought two note cards in the gift section Gary and Jorden circled and circled and circled the square in the truck and 5th wheel. (It is almost impossible to find a 50’ long parking space in the middle of town!)

And so this brings my count up to 62 Carnegies that I have visited and photographed.  Let’s see now, 1689 were built and I don’t know just how many have been razed. (about 57 in California with 84 remaining) but by any count I still have a BUNCH to go!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

This couldn’t be a Carnegie Library-could it?


I checked my list of Carnegie Libraries in Oregon: AHA, there’s one in McMinnville where we’ve stopped to see the Spruce Goose (officially the Evergreen) Aviation & Space Museum!

Carnegie Libraries were built near the center of town (about 100 years ago) so we started driving through the old section of McMinnville.  Found the library pretty quickly but was initially disappointed; it didn’t look like a Carnegie.  My list is dated 1996 so I thought it must have been razed and replaced by a new library. Then I glanced around the back.  The original facade was there (in fact it seems that the back of the present library was the front of the old library.)DSCN0730McMinnvilleLibrary

Beautiful brick detail:


This is the back door which is not presently in use.  Appears that this may have been the front door when the library was built.  The stairs inside are typical of a Carnegie Library entry.


Transom over the door from the outside:


And more easily read (albeit in reverse!) from the top of the stairs inside the library:


When the library was renovated about five years ago they found the original fireplace behind a wall! DSCN0734

Original stained transom windows in the Reading Room:


This transom over the “new” library entrance appears to be moved from somewhere in the original library. 


This brings my total to 61 Carnegie Libraries that I have visited and photographed. 1,689 were built, many have been razed so I still have many to find!

July 2010 Trip-A week in Bellingham


Our week in Washington was family week.

Started off with Zach’s 21st birthday.  In our family the birthday person gets to pick where/what they want for their birthday dinner.  Zach’s choice was pizza and at Westside Pizza. “It’s the best pizza in Whatcom County” he said.  We were all a little (well, more than a little!) taken aback when we pulled into the parking lot of “the best pizza place” and saw that it was in a Chevron gas station!  But he wasn’t exaggerating. . . the pizza WAS really good!  Afterward we reconvened back at our RV park for birthday cake and ice cream. (from left) Dylan, Jorden, Gary, Zach, Don, Dave, Kassi and Addison


Lee and I stood and watched the movement of this trilobyte in old town Bellingham for a long time.  Every part, except for the base moves and rotates with the wind. Fascinating.DSCN0694

One evening we took in a concert at Old Settlers Days in Ferndale.  Gary and I got red che chako ribbons commemorating our short time in the area.  Don and Lee had ribbons for their nearly 40 years in the County!DSCN0701

This booth offered the most delectable-looking berries!DSCN0700

Whenever we go to Washington cousin Mabel makes Gary a blackberry pie (she even picks the berries!) and he is VERY stingy about sharing even a bite! Is he concentrating or what!?IMG_0197

DSCN0704 Saturday night a few of the my many cousins got together at Don & Lee’s home.   (I enjoyed visiting so much I forgot to take any photos!)  Why do the ladies always gather in one room and the guys in another?  We girl cousins, me, Lee, Connie, Judy, Mabel, Terrie, Carol and Linda chattered around the dining room table. “Our grandma was a mail order bride? We knew she grew up on a riverboat on the Mississippi River but didn’t know that!” while the guys, Gary, Don, Kenny, Robin, Paul (Dennys came by earlier so missed the group) in the living room talked guy stuff.  Jorden and Dylan stayed for awhile, moving between the groups to listen to the old stories.  Then they were off to join the younger ones. Cousin Kenny made my day “Betty, don’t you ever change?”  Brownie Points there for sure!

Sunday night We capped off the week with a family barbecue.  Burgers, hot dogs, and all the fixings.  Arrving directly from swimming at the nearby gravel pit the young ones were famished so the food disappeared quickly!

Then Monday morning we were back on the road with the nose of the GMC pointing south.

Next week to follow. . .