Saturday, February 28, 2009

Toby update

Toby has now been living with us for three weeks. He is SO smart and learns quickly. We think he is very close to being THE perfect dog! HOWEVER, he has one idiosyncrosy which we are working on with him: he is very protective of our house. He is so friendly and affectionate to visitors UNTIL they move! Then he goes into an agressive mode. Scares the bejeebies out of everyone! Other than this he doesn't even growl!
We're working on socializing him so he knows we all love the people who come into our home.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Toby's one week anniversary

From Toby:
Today is my one week anniversary living with Betty and Gary! It has been a good week. I think I will stay forever.

The first couple days I was shy and did a lot of observing but I sure got over that quickly. I'm now showing my true outgoing and gregarious nature. I've met a lot of people and am always friendly. If I do say so myself I am really quite a popular guy here at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. (I have been exhibiting my alpha side with Jorden, Betty and Gary's 17 year-old grandson. Every once in awhile I give him a grrrr to show him I'm boss - I think I will get over that soon though.)

Boy, is it fun to play here. I start in the living room, run and make a long jump, skipping all three of the steps up to the bedroom, then another HUGE leap up onto the bed and then back to the living room. I do this a bunch of times. My people think it is so cool.

At night we are all comfortable as long as I stay in my area at the foot of the bed. I do love to sleep.

My walks are fun - there is so much space here to run and sniff.

I'll stay in touch.


Note from Betty: I know this is silly - just give me some time - I'll get real soon!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Meet Toby Thomas - our new adopted Bichon Frise

I am in my new home and I'm very sure I'm going to like it although I am pretty shy now. Right now I am just observing as I sit on the sofa with my Gary.

On the way home we made a stop at the In 'n' Out so Betty and Gary could grab a burger. They ate outside in sight of the truck so they could watch and see how I reacted. I am proud to say that I was very good. (although I did bark a bit.) I dozed the rest of the trip to Monterey.

I was reluctant to go up the steps into my new home so Betty carried me, then she turned around to close the door and I jumped out and took a little run! Betty, Gary and their 17 year old grandson Jorden were shocked and at first ran after me so I kept running. Then they remembered that foster parent Russ had showed them that I will lie down if they lower their hand and say "down" First they said "Stop" and then "down" so I stopped and waited! I am such a good dog! (And they have definitely learned a little more about me!)
I am so happy that I will be moved from the "Available Dogs" to the "Happy Adoptions" section of the website!
Toby Thomas

Its been two years since our Bichon Frise Murphy died at age 17-1/2. Up until now we just couldn't interest ourselves in getting a new dog. We knew we would eventually want another Bichon (great disposition, small dog and, since they have hair and not fur, they don't shed!)

Then randomly this past Tuesday-I hadn't checked it for months and months- I happened to see the link for the bichonfurkids in my favorites and went on to browse. Toby popped out. Should we send an application...oh dear
BICHON FURKIDS RESCUE is in LaCosta in Southern California...that's a long drive...oh well we'll make the drive if...we'll send it and see what happens.
And so we E mailed it off - making sure we included information on Murphy, who was adopted from the Carson (CA) Shelter in 1989 and our other adopted dogs from the past: Great Dane Dutchess, Dalmatian Pepper, poodle/beagle Nikki plus our Irish Setter Tina (not adopted), Kikki the calico cat (adopted), Nanny the goat, Billy the cockatiel etc. etc.

Since they didn't have a home inspector in our area we were instructed to complete a home inspection and E mail photos of the exterior and interior of our home. We made sure we explained that we are full time RVers living and traveling in our fifth wheel.

Bingo, we were approved! Then...the foster parents called; they weren't in Southern California, they were just up the road (freeway) from us in Oakland! So close...this was becoming more and more like it was meant to be. (PLUS..the foster dad's name is Russ-the same as our son!)

It WAS meant to be!

So, this morning we drove two hours to Oakland. When they opened the door and we saw Toby, it was love. So here he is, at home with us - our new dog Toby. Isn't he cute?