Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dolls-another of my hobbies

Naturally, since I live in a 36' fifth wheel, I don't have space for my dolls. I keep most of them in our storage unit but have my two American Girl dolls here so Mary, my granddaughter, and I can play with them. For those of you familiar with American Girl dolls and what they cost I have to tell you that I found "Kirsten" (blonde) at a thrift store in Pahrump, Nevada and paid $3 for her. Aren't you jealous? Mary named the dark-haired girl Kristy last time she was here. I bought her on E Bay.

I just sent this E mail to Mary telling her about the girls new outfits: Hi Mary,

Check out our dolls' new outfits! The red one on Kirsten is ruby ballet (it has white ballet shoes and even includes a necklace!) and the green on Kristy is an Irish Dance costume. It has shoes, arm bands and a cape PLUS a head band with curly wig attached! They are both so beautiful. American Girl doll Company was having a really good sale and I just couldn't resist buying these two outfits.

More fun next time you come!

Love you Sweet Pea,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Carnegie hobby

These are pictures of the one that got me started in my love of Carnegie's (and not incidentally, my love of reading and books!) - Minot, ND. Here, in the first grade I checked out my first book, Little Black Sambo! It is now an Art Center. Original fireplace which I remember vividly. And original tile in the entrance.

I have been meaning to begin writing about one of my favorite travel hobbies - finding and photographing the Carnegie Libraries of America. And, so, tonight as I answered an E mail from one of Gary's Heber Springs (Arkansas) High School classmates (actually his wife Teresa) I decided to use that E mail as a beginning.

Let's see, I think I am up to 58 now (there were 1,658, of course many of them are gone, but I have many to go!) - did really well this year when I got 13! Four in Louisville alone.

It's pretty easy to find those on the National Register of Historic places because they have addresses. The remainder I just have a list I got from the book "Carnegie Libraries Across America: A Public Legacy." by Theodore Jones. So...we drive through the towns on my list (I mark them on our road map.) From experience I know that the libraries were traditionally built in the center of town and, with their distinctive architecture, are pretty easy to spot. Its really fun since we also get to see small towns and/or the older areas of larger towns. Of course, when we are on the road towing the 5th wheel we are about 53 feet long so it is a challenge for Gary to drive on downtown streets and then find a place to park while I run to take pictures! If the library is open I always go inside and usually get into a conversation, sometimes a lengthy one!

Update on our movie marathon

Yes...we are still on a roll with our movie marathon! We've seen 12 movies since Jan. 2 - only a couple of them at home with a rental DVD! (last night The Duchess and Dark Knight) Since the movie theaters are usually so busy on weekends we decided not to go yesterday but then Gary said "what time are we going today?" so a quick check of the Monterey County Herald's entertainment section and we were off to see Frost/Nixon!

Grandson Jorden is a WWII in Europe history buff so on Friday we picked him up from school and saw Defiance.

Since The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story I have subscribed to it on So far I have found that the movie very very loosely follows the short story!

In the midst of seeing all of the heavy movies we took a break and went to see Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson in Last Chance Harvey.

I note brief comments in "love the movies" here in my blog.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Movies and skunks

Watching the Golden Globes put us into the "going to the movies" mode. So we've seen five in the past week - all of them good! Gran Torino, SlumDog Millionaire (Really good - I wasn't too keen on seeing it but it is so good), The Reader, Doubt and Revolutionary Road - we're on a roll! We'll see how many of them get Oscar nominations. (Every year we try to see the nominated films before the awards ceremony.)

All of them are pretty heavy so I'm ready to see something a little lighthearted and mindlessly entertaining - maybe the Dustin Hoffman/Emma Thompson Last Chance Harvey next?

Haven't had much on the track this month so we've had time. Worked yesterday (BMW Club) and I'm working Skip Barber 3 Day school tomorrow and Monday - then back to the movies on Wed!

(OOPS, Gary just looked out the door - skunk on our deck!) Didn't dare try and get a photo of it!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas in the Suite

The suite - see our 5th wheel in the background through the suite window?
We had a wonderful Christmas Day in the Suite. Since we live in a 36' 5th wheel and don't have a lot of space our family tradition has become to celebrate Christmas Day in a hospitality suite here at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Lots and lots of space for presents, food, having fun and, for my sports-minded family, sports on TV! Jorden has fun shuttling people and food and whatever else in the golf cart and the kids have the run of the paddock which they think is pretty cool.