Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Diners Drive Ins & Dives-Yes but Food Trucks?

I’m a “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives” diner.  Show me a squeaky screen door, some retro décor, dollar bills stapled over the entire place, once even a bait shop in the front or maybe devoid of any “décor” and I’m in my food zone.  But food trucks, no way!

Until a few days ago when we actually ate at one!! A BIG FIRST because I’ve always been a bit, well more than a bit, leery of them.  I remember when they were parked almost exclusively at construction sites, referred to as “roach coaches” and, to me, that just didn’t sound or look like appetizing or safe places to eat!

roach coach

In recent years they have gone upscale and are everywhere but I just couldn’t get past the old “roach coach” idea until the other day when I bit the bullet! GET and I were out shopping and wanted a quick lunch.  “How about that taco truck we saw over on St. Francis?  There are always lots of people eating at the tables.”  It turned out to be The Bonsai Asian Taco truck!  Not only had I never eaten at a food truck I’d never eaten an Asian taco!  We shared an order of shrimp tempura tacos which consisted of three tacos loaded with tempura shrimp, Asian slaw, a generous plunk of guacamole and a nice spicy aioli sauce! 

Nothing to be leery of and a meal which changed my attitude toward food trucks forever!  I’m in!

20170713_133601-1  20170713_132940-1

Now I’m thinking of the food trucks we have by-passed in our full time RVing travels.  The Monterey Street Food Truck Fest a couple of years ago when we visited and then left to have lunch elsewhere.  Oh, the possibilities! What were they serving at the Voodoo Van?  What in the world is Omininjasj?  I love Lumpia and missed it!



And in Portland…

DSCN0554DSCN0555DSCN0557Even one out on the Willamette River!


Then this week, just as I’ve gone through this great food truck awakening, there was an article in the Pasatiempo section of the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper: “Trailer-made:  Food Truck Parks.”  Food truck parks everywhere!!

I really must go now…have to try the Trinity Kitchen or Santa Famous Street Eats or Bang Bite Filling Station or….

In a few days we will be back on the road.  I wonder what we will find in Carlsbad, San Antonio, Galveston and places between and beyond?

Another thought:  maybe food trucks can be classified in the diners, drive-ins and definitely dives genre?  Umm?