Wednesday, May 20, 2015

For my deck--a pallet project. . .

I saw this pallet countertop project on Pinterest and thought “I can do this!”  And, just now, as I was looking for a photo to post here, I see that it is for sale on Etsy for $148.00.  pallet countertop
The Pinterest project used more perfect pallets and is painted white.  Our deck is unpainted rustic so we wanted our countertop to follow the rustic theme.
First order of business is choosing two pallets. Luckily we have a huge stack to select from over in the maintenance yard.
“How about this one?”
Two pallets were chosen and loaded into the truck bed.
The pallets are a little too tall for our deck so we cut one board off the bottom of each.  Then GET used his drill to screw the two together.
I love the look of the irregular sized boards on the front. That’s Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca’s control tower in the background.
I used three reddish-tone pavers (again, maintenance yard finds) for the top.  After this photo I gave them three coats of spray varnish which gave them a little sheen.
  • time spent, about 1-1/2 hours including pallet search
  • cost $0
I originally thought I would use it as a buffet table for barbecues but I think it will have a double duty as a potting bench. Umm, I love blue, maybe I’ll stain or paint it later?
Love it! Now, what else can I make with pallets?  Saw some with plants between the slats at T & A CafĂ© in Spreckels last night.