Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Under our deck lives a wild cat which we have named "Inky." He is pure black with a little kink near the end of his tail. He was a very young cat when we first noticed him about nine months ago...perhaps someone dumped him off here at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. At first we would see just a quick black flash but lately he lays in waiting for us to come home (or get up in the morning!) He gives us a meow to let us know he is here and waiting to eat. I am now buying cat food to feed him and he also gets scraps. (Gary loves Costco rotisserie chicken so Inky is the recipient of chicken scraps very often.) He isn't nearly as wild as he used to be but still doesn't let us get close enough to touch him.
How Inky got his name: the first few years we hosted at Rancheros de Santa Fe Camping Park in Santa Fe (our second favorite place in our beautiful country) there was a pure black cat named Inky. Inky was king of the campground and a tent camper was quite often startled when he awoke to find a very black cat sleeping with him! One day we found Inky on Old Las Vegas Highway where Rancheros is located. Gary and Don buried him beside the road. Our "new" Inky reminds us very much of our Santa Fe Inky.

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