Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pumpkin pie...can ya smell it?

I just took my pumpkin pie for tomorrow out of the oven. Is there a better smell than a warm pumpkin pie? Not too many in my opinion! Of course, the taste is not too bad either!

I have used the Spicy Pumpkin pie recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook we received as a wedding present for a very LONG time. See the electric burner marks on the cover? Not too long after we were married Gary & I moved to an all-electric apartment in Minot. I'd never used an electric stove before so struggled a bit but thought I was doing OK. Then one day I set Betty Crocker on a hot burner; it only took a minute or so for me to smell burning! OOPS! I was used to turning a gas stove off and it being off but electric burners stay hot! I never did enjoy cooking on an electric stove and have made sure that was my first and last.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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