Saturday, February 14, 2009

Toby's one week anniversary

From Toby:
Today is my one week anniversary living with Betty and Gary! It has been a good week. I think I will stay forever.

The first couple days I was shy and did a lot of observing but I sure got over that quickly. I'm now showing my true outgoing and gregarious nature. I've met a lot of people and am always friendly. If I do say so myself I am really quite a popular guy here at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. (I have been exhibiting my alpha side with Jorden, Betty and Gary's 17 year-old grandson. Every once in awhile I give him a grrrr to show him I'm boss - I think I will get over that soon though.)

Boy, is it fun to play here. I start in the living room, run and make a long jump, skipping all three of the steps up to the bedroom, then another HUGE leap up onto the bed and then back to the living room. I do this a bunch of times. My people think it is so cool.

At night we are all comfortable as long as I stay in my area at the foot of the bed. I do love to sleep.

My walks are fun - there is so much space here to run and sniff.

I'll stay in touch.


Note from Betty: I know this is silly - just give me some time - I'll get real soon!

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