Monday, April 12, 2010

Today my name is Turn 10

24806_1355143672014_1034113491_31059046_2671698_s I was lucky to get an early retirement from Pacific Bell telephone a long time ago which afforded me the opportunity to accept some pretty fun retirement jobs: cooking school, investment banking firm, proof reader for CTB McGraw Hill and admin manager for United Way.

You may have read in my profile that this Grammie is now a retired full-time RVer.

thumbnailCAR5HSGB And I now spend many of my days in a box at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. . .a turn box that is. I am one of the Safety Marshals who insure the safety of the drivers and motorcyclists who come to this 2.238 road course racetrack. While working we course marshals are referred to by the turn we are working; DSC06455 thus, today I answered to and called myself turn 10!

The course marshal’s tools of the trade consist of a set of flags (see examples) for communicating with drivers, a radio for communicating, a whistle, paper and thumbnailCAX6DLMTpen for notes, thick gloves for picking up somethinrace-flags-indy-racing-league-thumb-8367_6g like a hot exhaust pipe, a fire extinguisher, a bucket of “kitty litter” type material and a broom for sweeping when a car or motorcycle spews oil on the track! And our uniform is white pants and shirts. Our course marshals group even has a Facebook page: Laguna Seca Course Marshals group

And, of cou24806_1355136151826_1034113491_31059036_2928263_srse, the personal items: layering clothing-everything from rainwear to sunscreen…the weather changes often here in Monterey, reading material for breaks and, most important snacks!

Quite a change from my career life isn’t it! And, do you know what the funniest thing is? I’m not even a big race fan. . . I just like to see cars and motorcycles go FAST!

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