Sunday, September 19, 2010

We visited Radiator Springs!

Well, Sally wasn’t on duty at the Cozy Cone Motel when we stoppedDSCN1311

BUT Mater was there! DSCN1316

Could this be Sheriff?  He needs to have his black and white paint job re-done! (Maybe he should get over to Ramone’s House of Body Art shop.)DSCN1319 copy

Doc Hudson is looking a little tired:DSCN1320

Could this be Guido in disguise?DSCN1314

Ramone-(he says that his latest paintjob is his favorite…looks like he’s gone back to basics…where is his signature flashy metallic?)DSCN1321copy

Not sure but we MAY have caught a glimpse of Lightning McQueen…a bright red-colored car streaked past us speeding down Main Street toward town square!DSCN1310

Red was inside over at the firehouse but we didn’t drive out in the country to see if we could find Frank the Combine or Tractor.

I would venture to guess that everyone who saw the movie “Cars”  loved it.  We spent a night in Holbrook, Arizona along old Route 66 and drove over to see the historic Wigwam Motel which provided inspiration for Sally’s Cozy Cone Motel in the movie. It appears that this is a project in the works to assemble the cars that the movie characters are based on.

Disney’s fun website for “Cars’ is

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