Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh my gosh, they are heavenly!

You probably know that one of the things New Orleans is famous for is little deep-fried puffed squares of dough  blanketed with sifted powdered sugar called beignets. 

We’ve been in New Orleans for a week and a half but, since we don’t get going very early, we haven’t gotten around to having beignets. . .until today.  Well, we didn’t get a very early start so didn’t drive down to the “Quarter,” locals speak for the French Quarter, but headed over our local Café DuMonde Coffee Stand.  We each had an order ($2.25 for three) and watched as they took them out of the big fryer, placed them on a saucer and sifted a generous amount of powdered sugar on top.   Oh my, a little puff of steam escaped as I took my first bite of this light warm pillow. . .heavenly!  I don’t drink coffee and Gary is a plain black coffee man so neither of us tried their famous coffee with chicory.


Even though we didn’t have chicory coffee I did buy a blue Café Du Monde mug.  My morning Earl Grey tea will taste quite special in this mug.


I do love New Orleans!


  1. So you are driving the southern route and avoiding the snow?


  2. Oh I love beignets!!! Anything involving fried dough and sugar is for me!

    And I have a Cafe du Monde mug that someone got me as a gift. It isn't as cute as that one but I use it as my "go to" mug.