Sunday, July 24, 2011

Folklore legend update. . .Paul Bunyan number three

I wouldn’t have an interest in folklore legend Paul Bunyan had I not grown up visiting him and Babe every summer when my family drove from North Dakota to Minnesota to visit my Finnish grandparents Charlie and Lempi.  The trip wasn’t complete until we had stopped in Bemidji to see this giant and his blue ox.  He and Babe don’t seem quite as large as they did when I was a little girl!  At eighteen feet tall he was built to a three to one scale of the six foot tall man he was modeled on.HPIM3181-Paul Bunyan Bemidji, MNA few years ago I was surprised to see ANOTHER Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe while driving north on California Highway 101 in Mystic Trees near the Klamath River. This Paul Bunyan is tall at 49’; I think Babe is quite a nice looking Blue Ox!DSC07662_JPG CA Paul Bunyan and BabeSo that was number two - and now I’ve seen a third Paul Bunyan in Bangor, Maine, but no Babe in sight!  At 31’ this Paul Bunyan claims to be the largest in the world (a discrepancy since California Paul is 49’ tall!) He was placed to overlook the Penobscot River but now looks straight at the casino which was built across the street.DSCN5629

Maine and Minnesota both claim to be the birthplace of Bunyan and Babe.  Whichever is true it is told that it took FIVE storks to deliver him!  And both Minnesota and Wisconsin lay claim to having him buried in their state. Popular guy isn’t he?

I know there are more Bunyan’s and Babe’s out there. . .will update you if/when I happen onto more!

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  1. You are living our dream! I didn't know there was so much controversy over Paul Bunyan! Thanks for stopping by my blog, "Things I'll forget by tomorrow". I'm a new follower.