Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FDR & Eleanor. . .oops, I got distracted!

This morning I sat down to write about FDR and Eleanor’s beloved island Campobello and got distracted.  I remembered that it was time for Grammie & Papa to send the Little Ones grandchildren their yearly back-to-school shopping money.  It is usually a Target gift card which they love but there isn’t a Target here in Ellsworth, Maine so I’m sure they will be quite happy with cash.

It wouldn’t do for Grammie to just throw the money in an envelope!  UMMM-what kind of cards should I make?  I decided to make little cards and then thought, ah it’s cash, I’ll do cash gift envelopes!  I started to draw out a template but wouldn’t checking on-line for a template be a little easier?  Yep, Googled it and found a very nice template on Mirwood Designs (I bookmarked that site for future projects; it has lots of neat templates!)

My bone folder is a real bone given to grandson Jorden by an Alaskan artist.DSCN5999I used Printmaster to find some fun back-to-school graphics.  Even though I liked the Bulletin Board graphic, when I tried to center the template over it, it just wouldn’t feature enough of the graphic so this went in the trash.DSCN5996Found another cute graphic, printed and cut it out. Oops!  Why does the president seems to be peeking though the cutout?  I know used the correct template!  (Had never noticed before but on older bills the president is centered and on the newer “large face” bills the faces are off center.)  Well, I figured out that, in order for the cutout to be in correct alignment, the right side of the template and the printed graphic design had to be facing when cutting it out.  Easy fix there.DSCN5998

DSCN6001Here, I have the process down and having fun making personalizing graphics for each “grand.”  Colored pencils for ten-year old Stanley, cute paint pots for nine-year old Mary and leaves, pencils and books for seven-year old Will.DSCN5997Finished product, loaded with a “president,” tied with a ribbon and ready to go in a mailing envelope!  That was fun for me, hope the “grands” like them too.DSCN6002So now I can get back to FDR and his beloved island!


  1. So much better than anything you could buy at the store. They all turned out great and no doubt will be much appreciated. Hope your day is great. Tammy

  2. What grandmas won't do for their grandchildren - so cute!

  3. Those envelopes are so clever and personal -- I hope the grandchildren treasure those as much as the money within! Am looking forward to hearing about FDR and Eleanor, too.

  4. Those are so cute. I'm sure the grandkids will love them. I'll have to try it for mine!

  5. They came out great!!! I love them … and I'm sure the kids will be so excited. What a good Grammie you are!