Saturday, January 21, 2012

A day at the race track. . .just how expensive is expensive?

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When not on the road we are live-on volunteers and are also involved in the track rental events at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in our home base city of Monterey, California.  I am a Course Marshal and do decibel testing. and Gary is Track Rental Supervisor. IMG_0622The track event last week included some very impressive and expensive, cars:  Cobra’s, Porsches, Radicals, Ferrari’s, Jaguar’s, an Astin Martin, a 30’s Ford Deuce coupe (with a very large engine.)  A sad note:  the Deuce coupe lost a wheel at my turn!

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This 1955 Mercedes SLR is apparently VERY VERY valuable because the event organizers advised us to be diligent about assuring that none of the other cars on the track came even close to it!  Rumor had it that this car was raced by the famous racecar driver Stirling Moss in several big competitions.  How expensive is this car? I’m guessing that is falls into the “priceless” range!


IMG_0620My old 3G IPhone doesn’t take very clear action photos so here is a professional photo of the Mercedes SLR.  stirling moss car

And that was my day at the race track, surrounded by VERY VERY expensive automobiles!

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  1. You have another interesting job there. I can't believe that people race that expensive of a car - just in case of an accident. sandie

  2. Yikes. I wouldn't want to even look at a car like that for fear I'd do something to it.