Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring has sprung?

My narcissus are blooming so Spring must be here!


I accidently moved the setting on my Nikon to “P” and got this interesting composition.  I will have to spend some time reading my manual to see just how/why this happened but I like it!


Cute teeny bitty purple flowers blooming in a pot with other plants.


Since it is such a beautiful day (and Spring must be here!) I decided to pot the succulents I bought last week.  I painted the three cheap (or is it better to say inexpensive?) clay pots with craft paint. DSCN7034

I am usually careful about saving and sticking the labels to the bottom of the appropriate pot but mixed them up!  The Hibotan is easy to identify since it is the only cactus, I know that the tall flat one in the right pot is a Flipping Flapjack (don’t you think it looks like pancakes?), so know that the other three are either Sedum Brown Bean (maybe the dark green in the right pot-it looks sorta kinda like a bean?), Moonglow or Rainbow Elephant Bush. The two in the larger pot are cuttings I “stole” so I have no clue what they are.


This Anna’s hummingbird joined me while I was doing my potting.DSCN7041

The Anna’s Hummer frequents our area year round. (The following is from “Hummers – hummingbirds of north america” by Millie Miller and Cyndi Nelson)

Anna's hummingbird description

So I am enjoying this February Spring. . .of course I am in California where one season is not too much different from the next!

Happy Spring!


  1. Your pictures and activities really whet my appetite for spring here! Unfortunately, it will take awhile for it to be officially spring. (EVERY year I get overly anxious and sometimes plant too soon...)

    I DID buy 2 beautiful potted tulip plants and have given them to 2 friends celebrating birthdays. I know it's too early.


  2. Spring is right around the corner here - well maybe it is here already. Love your flowers. sandie

  3. How nice to know that spring arrives in February somewhere! Can't wait to see our spring flowers show their pretty heads. Afraid I can't be much help in helping to identify the mystery plants, but I do like the name of the Flipping Flapjack.