Monday, May 14, 2012

Birthdays are ok. . .but I love birthday cards!

I recently had a birthday. . .presents, lots of phone calls, e-mails, Facebook wishes and dinner with special family and friends.  I don’t like a bunch of fuss so it was exactly the kind of special day I enjoy. (what I’m not enjoying is that increasing chronological number which seems to crank by faster and faster!!)

Even though I love electronic greetings, there really isn’t anything that can take the place of a birthday card which is delivered either by hand or old-fashioned “snail” mail.

Kelle knows how much I love the ocean (I grew up in North Dakota and didn’t even see the ocean until I was a teenager) and Adirondack chairs.  This three-dimensional card is cute enough to hang on the wall. . .which I did! 


Gary always does REALLY well in his card choices.  This is nice on the outside but the verse inside is THE thing:


My friend Linda (who also happens to be family-aren’t we lucky?) sent this. Like Kelle she has a knack for finding the perfect card.


Handmade paper from sister Micki.


Lee, another friend who happens to be family, and I both love, yes really love, cheesecake.  She is a New Year’s Day birthday girl and several times I did make cheesecake but many other years have bought the “blue box” cheesecake from Trader Joe’s.  YUMMY!


From the Fresno Five (son and daughter-in-law Russ and Denise and grandkids Stanley, Mary and Will.)  This card is ME!!!  I’m quite sure that Denise picked out this perfect greeting!


Don’t you just love kid’s writing? 

Too funny:  son Russ addressed the envelope but forgot to sign the card!


My friend Jackie and I both love angels and fairies.  This is a Leaning Tree design by Malcolm Sanders. Love the verse inside:

You see those lights dancing

above the earth,

twinkling in the sky?

Those are not fireflies and stars. . .

those are the faeries calling your

imagination out to play.”



A couple of years ago when I started opening  my cards, one after the other had a shoe theme~~I love shoes and everyone knows it!


Old cards from Gary:

From the 60’s.  Smoking was still widely acceptable.

scan-40019 scan-40020

We know that Gary gave me this card because he signed it but neither of us can even fathom this strange style and verse!  Chalk it up to “we were young.”


I’m ok with birthdays if they mean I will continue to receive special cards!

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”

~~Satchel Paige


  1. Well I didn't know it was your birthday - happy birthday to you and many more. sandie

  2. Happy Birthday! I like the Satchel Paige quote :)
    Thanks for your visit!

  3. Hi: Happy Birthday dear friend. Have a gret week. Hugs, Martha

  4. Hi: Happy Birthday! Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  5. Well, first of all, happy happy birthday!! I love the diversity and just plain fun of your cards. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. I missed your Birthday...I just can't seem to catch happy everyday!!! Thank you for coming by...I am so excited about my gift coming...I do love dolls. I just buy them for my granddaughter. But this will be mine. Hugs, Mary