Friday, September 07, 2012

Where have I been?

Well, I sure haven’t been writing in my blog have I?  I last posted on May 31st!?

How did the summer, and my time, fly by so quickly?  Let’s see:

  • I have been sewing.  You know I am a full-time RVer and my home is a 36’ fifth wheel.  Most of the time this is my office but when I get my sewing machine out (it is stored in one of our outside hatches) my “office” becomes an office/sewing room.


My first project was a set of racing flags for my friend Dale.  The set I sewed for him ten years ago had worn out.  The solid flags (yellow, red and black and a white not shown) are pretty straight forward, the slippery surface (yellow and red stripes) and passing (blue with yellow diagonal stripe) are more challenging and the checkered flag is a real challenge.


Granddaughter Mary’s 10th birthday was May 30th.  She really wanted a fleece blanket which was hot pink on one side and zebra on the other.  I think I found the perfect fabrics!


Ten year old Mary with her throw and other “10” related presents from Grammie & Papa. The wooden box she is holding was a present from MY grandma to me when I was 10.IMG_0164

My biggest project involved re-doing the three cornices in our bedroom and one in the bathroom.  It was complicated by the fact that the day/night blinds are attached to the the cornice and so the entire setup had to be taken down in order to re-cover the cornice.

Cornice before picture.  I couldn’t believe how many staples they used when they installed it at the KZ RV factory!!


Two small cornices like this and another about twice the size.  The cords in the large day/night shade had broken so we had to re-string it before we could re-install the whole window covering.  Re-stringing wasn’t hard but it was a bit complicated – reading, and following the written instructions was definitely the order of the day. Definitely a DYI project which saved some money.


Bathroom cornice re-covered. 


Last on my list was sewing two soft and cushy throw pillows.


BUT, wait!  I have some scraps of ripstop fabric left from the racing flags!  I’ll make some racing scarves for Dulee!  I made him three flag scarves and continued on to make his Corgi/Terrier friend Oden a set. .  .


and a checkered flag scarf for another dog friend!  Here, Dulee models a checkered flag scarf.


  • Of course, the racetrack here at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca has been busy so I’ve been  race marshaling.  Here I am at the Andretti Hairpin, turn 2, site of lots of racing activity.
  • Stanley and Will spent a week with us with Mary joining us for the weekend. It was a busy, and fun-filled, week – going to the movies, the beach, playground, the beach again, tide pools, making & flying paper airplanes, watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy on DVD and school supply shopping.


  • Walked up MANY steps up to tour Point Sur Lighthouse here on our Big Sur coastline.  This photo is a postcard I bought in the gift shop.


  • Jorden “boomeranged” back home in July.

Jorden-Home Depot cashier

  • We didn’t get out on the road in our 5th wheel this summer but did get in some traveling miles.  I’ll tell you later about our 10 day Alaskan Princess cruise.   Friends Danny & Debbi happened to be in San Francisco on our sailing day and took this photo of our cruise ship. Can you see us on our balcony?

sea princess taken by Danny on the day we sailed

So, you see, while I was ignoring my blog and you; I wasn’t just lying around eating bonbons!


I’m back.


  1. Missed you - maybe now you can rest. lol

  2. Well, my GOSH, you have been busy! Can't wait to hear more about the Alaskan cruise. Glad you had a good and fruitful summer. The sewing projects came out splendidly!WOW. I could never sew like that. You are a talented lady! Your grandkids are darling, too.

    Take care and thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.While you've been away, I've been working and blog, blog, blogging every night!