Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween at my house. . .

We won’t be getting any Tricker or Treaters since we live at a race track and gates are locked in the evening but we still buy candy out of habit and then eat it all ourselves!

For the same reason we really have no reason to decorate but since we like to decorate for holidays we do it for the benefit of anyone who happens to drive by our fifth wheel.  The maintenance guys and Bo arrive early in the morning so they are treated to Gary’s goblin and Jack O’ Lanterns.


Goblins love full moons!




Scary face on this guy.







This Jack O’ Lantern should scare unwanted creatures away!


Lights on the deck.


Love my “Happy Everything” serving tray – a gift from Russ and Denise although I’m quite sure that daughter-in-law Denise picked it out – she selects the best gifts!DSCN8618

A full moon for Halloween week – how appropriate.DSCN8634

My pumpkins bars are hot out of the oven so I will leave you to eat one or two or. . .

Happy Halloween everyone. . .


  1. Great to see you having a Happy Halloween even minus trick or treaters! We've started a new kind of Halloween here in Sun City Anthem. Even though we have an all ages section of our planned community, kids never cross the parkway to come over in search of candy. So, last Halloween and this one, too, some of us climb in our golf carts, bowls filled with candy, and chase the kids down in their own neighborhood. It's great fun. The kids are surprised and their parents delighted that we're coming to them. We're getting ready to roll here in a few hours!

  2. Great idea to buy candy and then eat it yourselves! Love the pumpkin faces.