Saturday, December 08, 2012

So, that’s what Senior Citizens do!

And I are one! 

When I have time I like to do these Wonderword word search puzzles.  (They say its good for the brain, my brain likes them and can use all the help it can get!)


Usually I don’t pay much attention to the subject-the joy is in finding the words- and this day was no exception. Then, as I located words in the puzzle I glanced up to look at the subject. Ah, Senior Citizens; I should be able to identify with this one.

Umm. . .

  • Knitting – hey, I don’t/can’t knit!
  • Bridge – I don’t/can’t play bridge!
  • Bingo – no, I will not play Bingo!
  • Ancient – I don’t think of myself as ancient!
  • Stroll – can’t remember when I’ve taken a stroll!
  • Activities – not much for “activities” although I am pretty active.
  • Chess – another game I can’t play.
  • Dietary – now just what does that mean and why is it especially associated with Seniors? 
  • Singing – well, I do like to sing to myself or along with the radio in the truck (and have sung in several choirs in the past) but don’t sing because I’m a Senior.
  • Relax – if I only had more relaxing time.
  • Wise – ah, how I wish I had lots of wisdom.

I think I may have failed the Senior Citizens qualifying test!

Wait a minute. . .I do try to be nice, I do have great Memories (and am always making more), I am retired, I do travel-a lot, I love movies, and I do have age, years and time behind me.

I like my style of Senior living even if I have failed in the Wonderword world!  Gotta go. . .I am due at the racetrack for my Safety Marshaling duties.

rocking chair

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  1. I keep a wordsearch book with me when we travel so I can keep busy during the waiting times. But I've never seen that kind of wordsearch before. That is an odd bunch of words to describe senior citizens. :) Best wishes, Tammy