Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Which brother?

A daily feature on my Nook E Reader is Steve King’s Daybook.  Professor King’s topic today was Counting Kerouac.  He references Jack Kerouac’s The Town and City which was published in 1950, several years prior to On The Road.   photo

While I haven’t read The Town and the City I was struck by the paths referred to by Professor King and think that these three pretty much categorize the paths of almost everyone.

One brother chooses town (to be a farmer near home),

one brother chooses city (to be a Sorbonne student)

and one brother…was on the road again, traveling the continent westward, going off to further and further years, alone by the waters of life, alone, looking towards the lights of the river’s cape, toward tapers burning warmly in the towns, looking down along the shore in remembrance of the dearness of his father and of all life…he put up the collar of his jacket, and bowed his head, and hurried along.

I have friends and family who have chosen to live their lives very close to where they were born.  I have friends and family who chose to leave (many as soon as possible after high school) to the city and/or university and, then there are those who take to the road like the third brother. 

I grew up in one house, attended grade school, junior high and high school on the same block, went across town to college in my home town. . . so I must be the “chooses town” sibling, right?

Then, I married a California guy, moved to the Los Angeles area in California,  had a family, career, finished my Bachelor’s degree. . .so, I must be the “chooses city” sibling, right?

Don’t think so. . .even before we went on the road as full-time RVers we were off traveling every chance we got.  One of my three, maybe Russ, once said that we “dragged them all over this country when we were growing up.”  Since going on the road full time nineteen years ago we have “traveled the continent” to all 50 states, Canada and even a bit into Mexico.

My 5th wheel home at home on the Mississippi River.

2007 Escalade DSC07097

I love to “put up the collar of my jacket, bow my head, and hurry along”. . .the third sibling I am!

Which are you?


  1. Definitely number 3. I am not a city girl by any means. I slept in a drawer in my Mammaw's house after I was born, while my dad was in Vietnam. And then we moved every three years once he retired from service. Actually, the longest I've ever lived anywhere is here in Kuwait -- 18 years, but we travel every chance we get, at least several times a year. :) Have a wonderful day! Tammy

  2. P.S. I think it is great that you dragged your family all over the place. We took family vacations every summer when I was growing up -- to places far away from the South and did lots of hiking that I didn't appreciate so much back then but now it is my favorite thing to do. :) I have family who have never left the area in which they were born and I just find that to be so boring. I can't imagine never going or doing anything different. Or always being surrounded by the same people all the time. There's something to be said for not letting moss grow under your feet. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. I'm a mixture of all of the above, but I love yours most of all, and wish I was like that too. Because when we did RV all over the place I just adored the lifestyle, but then I'd have this hankering to stay put. Just can't figure it out. Gorgeous pic of your rig by the river!!
    The great Mississippi - we only read about it over here or on documentaries!
    Happy travels.....