Monday, January 05, 2015

Our Christmas tree travelled just fine…


I traditionally take my Christmas decorations down while GET watches football ALL DAY (AND ALL EVENING) on New Year’s Day.  (An aside:  New Year’s Day is the day that I usually feel like kicking the TV in after SO much football on TV!) So last week when we left Kelle and Joe’s to travel to Galveston I wasn’t quite ready and decided to see how it would travel while still “dressed up.”

Gary’s garage and Betty’s Diner and the little Hallmark train rode up on the bed.  I don’t collect Christmas village scenes but a few years ago Don & Lee saw Betty’s Diner in a thrift store and couldn’t resist buying it for me.  Then, a couple of years ago we spotted Gary’s Service Station in a craft store and Gary just had to have to go with the diner!  They take quite a lot of space in my Christmas bin but worth the sacrifice of space.20141219_082814


After the recliner was tucked into its travel position I covered it with a beach towel and carefully moved the 2’ tree, complete with decorations, over and settled it back into the chair.


Next, had to make sure it would be secure so carefully covered it with another beach towel and then tied a strap rather tightly over the top.  (The back of a RV tends to be greatly affected by road bumps.)


After our seven hour travel day I gingerly untied the strap, removed the covering towel and placed the tree back on the credenza.  Voila!  It traveled almost perfectly. . .the white topper angel was lying in the branches and a couple of the little red and silver ball ornaments fell off but all in all a success!  I’ll definitely do this again.



Happy New Year from the road!

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  1. Happy New Year to YOU! I'm sure you have discovered many, MANY tricks of the trade/travel! There's just something so cozy about Christmas tree lights. Why NOT enjoy them for a spell????