Monday, February 02, 2015

Fresno 5 & Morro Bay, a fitting wrap-up. . .

We’ve come to the end of our latest “on the road” adventures with our case of itchy hitch syndrome temporarily put to rest.  Tomorrow it is back to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca where we happily resume our race track duties.

Back in November our first stop was an overnight visit with the Fresno 5 (the Fresno 5 consists of our son Russ, daughter-in-law Denise and three amazing grands Stanley, Mary and Will.)  Something incredible happened during these two months: they ALL grew taller than their Grammie!

Fittingly, we figured, we wrapped it up with meeting them for the weekend in Morro Bay, California.

That’s Morro Rock behind our Fresno 5.


Sandpiper feeding on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.


No time in Morro Bay is complete without fish and chips at Giovanni’s Fish Market. The three smokestacks (locally known as the “three fingers”) are part of a now closed power plant.


What I’m sure is an unusual site for this threatened species:  five Mama California Sea Otters all with pups!  Some latched themselves to Mama and both napped, some were tumbling in the water with their Mamas.  When a Sea Lion showed up he/she proceeded to play and tumble with the otters.


While we were enthralled with the otters two dolphins swam by, a hummingbird landed in the bush below us, pelicans flew over and, of course, sea gulls everywhere!DSCN7648

AND, we looked down in the rocks and noticed this lizard doing push-ups.


Pure joy!! Brothers and sister enjoying a run through the dunes.


Will said we should probably go back to Fosters Freeze! His choice was called something like “worms and dirt.” Not many other than a twelve year old boy would choose this!DSCN7676 Selfie with my Nikon camera --- harder to manage than with a cell phone camera.  I have wild hair but the wind on the beach made it really wild!DSCN7703

Since Will was taking an interest in photography I let him use my Nikon. “Keep the strap around your neck so it won’t fall and break.”  I am channeling my favorite cooking host The Pioneer Woman?


The end of a beautiful day.


Papa, Grammie and Dulee flop into chairs and enjoy the campfire.


P.S.   Its Super bowl Weekend!  We end the weekend with a photo op of the Thomas guys in football jerseys.


I think life is good!

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  1. What a memorable and wonderful weekend!