Sunday, January 20, 2019

Thomas Times...56th edition

This year I used the half-fold card format for our annual Thomas Times letter.  Not sure if I prefer it over the full page I do most years but its ok for a change.  As usual I missed getting it out in time for Christmas because, well because, I couldn’t get motivated to write!  When I did it went pretty quickly!  Yeah!

Front and back page of the half-fold card

Inside pages of the half-fold card

As the card states “We wish you good health, love, blessings and joy!” 
Also a wonderful 2019 to my Blogger friends!

P.S. Very frustrated writing this little post!  I have always written my posts with Open Live Writer but couldn't get it to post to BlogSpot this time!  So wrote it in Blogger!  Wonder what happened?

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