Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Patience pays off...

The very first bud

Almost two years ago my friend Patty gave me a Christmas Cactus plant (Scientific name Schlumbergera.) About a month later it gave me one small pale bloom and then nothing!  For the following two Decembers, as recommended from my research, I faithfully gave it 12 hours of darkness each day.  NO blooms!

Then, a few weeks ago (but not in time for Christmas) I noticed a bud, then a couple of days later another and now another!  THREE! Yeah!
Yes, that's my kitchen in the middle of a remodel.
The first bud blossomed!  First, it appeared that it was a white flower but turned a pale pink.  And the same for the second blossom! I hope this is the beginning of a very long life for my plant.  I've read that they can live as long as 50 years!
Two blossoms and a bud (bud is at far left)

Pretty pinkish-white blossom

How does that old saying go? "Patience is a virtue." A lesson for life from my Christmas Cactus!

Tea cup from my Grandma Lempi

P.S. Folks, I am very frustrated!  For a very long time I have written this Blog in Open Live Writer for publication.  Blogger is now saying that it is not compatible even though OLW states that it is. 

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