Saturday, January 17, 2009

Movies and skunks

Watching the Golden Globes put us into the "going to the movies" mode. So we've seen five in the past week - all of them good! Gran Torino, SlumDog Millionaire (Really good - I wasn't too keen on seeing it but it is so good), The Reader, Doubt and Revolutionary Road - we're on a roll! We'll see how many of them get Oscar nominations. (Every year we try to see the nominated films before the awards ceremony.)

All of them are pretty heavy so I'm ready to see something a little lighthearted and mindlessly entertaining - maybe the Dustin Hoffman/Emma Thompson Last Chance Harvey next?

Haven't had much on the track this month so we've had time. Worked yesterday (BMW Club) and I'm working Skip Barber 3 Day school tomorrow and Monday - then back to the movies on Wed!

(OOPS, Gary just looked out the door - skunk on our deck!) Didn't dare try and get a photo of it!

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