Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dolls-another of my hobbies

Naturally, since I live in a 36' fifth wheel, I don't have space for my dolls. I keep most of them in our storage unit but have my two American Girl dolls here so Mary, my granddaughter, and I can play with them. For those of you familiar with American Girl dolls and what they cost I have to tell you that I found "Kirsten" (blonde) at a thrift store in Pahrump, Nevada and paid $3 for her. Aren't you jealous? Mary named the dark-haired girl Kristy last time she was here. I bought her on E Bay.

I just sent this E mail to Mary telling her about the girls new outfits: Hi Mary,

Check out our dolls' new outfits! The red one on Kirsten is ruby ballet (it has white ballet shoes and even includes a necklace!) and the green on Kristy is an Irish Dance costume. It has shoes, arm bands and a cape PLUS a head band with curly wig attached! They are both so beautiful. American Girl doll Company was having a really good sale and I just couldn't resist buying these two outfits.

More fun next time you come!

Love you Sweet Pea,

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