Monday, May 11, 2009

Hi from Dulee, formerly known as Dylan

Hi everyone,
You will never believe what a weekend I had! I'd been staying in Carlsbad which is near San Diego in Southern California for just a few days after being rescued by Bichon FurKids. I was a little nervous on Saturday when Cynthia, my foster mom, took me to meet this couple, Betty and Gary. Well, I met and walked and talked with them for awhile and then they left!!! I'm thinking "what was this all about?" but went back to my temporary home with Cynthia, who, by the way is a very nice lady!

I didn't know this at the time but Betty & Gary went to meet ANOTHER dog, her name is Alexa. They really liked her too and said it was a hard decision to make so they went to have a frozen yogurt while they weighed which of us would be their forever dog. Well, I won! They came back for ME....yes, ME!! I have a home again.

Now, here is where it gets even more interesting. It was a very long trip to my new home: 300 miles north and now they tell me that yes, this is my home but we live in a home that moves! In four days we will be moving our home from Morro Bay to Monterey. And we will be doing this moving quite often -- yippee, cause I love to sniff and mark new places -- what a life I will have! I like to sit on Betty's lap while we travel and she likes to have me there too.

I took a walk on the beach yesterday and loved it but definitely do not want to go swimming, no way! Betty & Gary said they are happy about that since we bichons have hair that is not easy to keep up! Speaking of hair, you may not think I look much like a Bichon Frise. That's because I had to have a rather severe haircut when I was rescued. (I am also a little overweight!) Soon I will be a gorgeous 10 lb hunk of white fluff.

Now, here's the next thing I wanted to tell you about. I really liked the name BichonFurKids gave me but have changed it to Dulee. My new family has a human person named Dylan and I REALLY want to have my own distinctive name. I wanted to keep the "D" beginning sound so settled on Dulee - has a nice ring don't you think?

Well, its time for my next nap...I do love to nap.


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  1. Good luck, with Gary & Bj, Dulee. They're not too bad to have around.