Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My tale of woe...

We drove from Bodega Bay over to Target in Santa Rosa yesterday to buy back to school shopping gift cards for the "little ones" in Fresno. Well, I lost them! Must have been in the parking lot because when I called Target to see if I could cancel and have them re-issued, all three had already been totally spent. I purchased them at 3:54 and they were spent at 4:15! Boy, whoever found them knew to use them immediately didn't they? Just hope it was someone who really could be helped by finding $75!

Another time I had a tale of woe (three fairly expensive bottles of wine fell out of the truck at the corner of Del Monte Avenue and Alvarado Street in Monterey.) I was moaning and groaning to the guy at the wine shop where I went to replace them. (Was buying them for a gift basket for our niece.) He dispensed excellent advice: Get over it lady!

So, here we are getting over it: the lose of $75!

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