Wednesday, September 02, 2009

BIG project

I'm working on a BIG project - scanning all of the slide photos we took in the 70's and into the early 80's. The main reason we chose to take slides during those years was monetary...I think it was $1.95 to have a roll of slide film developed vs maybe $4.95 to have prints made. Like most young couples, money was in short supply for the Thomas' - $3.00 was a lot of money!

So, what really was a great idea back then makes for a real pain now. Who wants to pull out and set up that old projector, find a sheet for a screen and THEN where to set it up to look at them? (We do live in a 36' fifth wheel RV...very limited space.) While we occasionally get our old photo albums out we NEVER look at the slides.

I looked into having it done professionally but the cost is prohibitive - $.99 per slide and I estimate I have about 1,800!! Let's see, do the math, $1,800! So I bought a scanner (on sale, of course) at Costco and am scanning them, ONE by ONE, into photo folders. (Some printers have a slide-scan feature but my all-in-one doesn't have that capability.)
We wore THAT, Russ, Gary and Kelle were SO cute, Gary's hair was THAT BLACK, look at Betty's cat-eye glasses!

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