Friday, October 16, 2009

Doing the right thing and THEN...

I started walking about six weeks ago when Dr. Jerry ordered it - my blood pressure was a little high. Dulee and I both get our exercise when I take him for his morning constitutional. I've even been good during this past two weeks of travels.

Then this morning I tripped and fell, skinned both of my hands, right elbow and may have hurt my knee - its swollen. To make matters worse I did it right in front of three construction workers - quite embarrasing.

Oh well...

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  1. Ouch!

    I did a knee trick a few years back when I went out for a walk. I got out my driveway, and just turned onto the road when I heard this "pop". I thought at the time that this would probably hurt later. I finished my two-miler, and sure enough the knee hurt. A few weeks later I had it scoped to clean up some torn cartilage. Hope you don't have to do that. - Gino