Saturday, October 10, 2009

Walk Like a Man...Sherry...Big Girls Don't Cry...Rag Doll...My Boyfriend's Back...

Yes, these are songs we, of a certain age, remember of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. When we were in New York City a few years ago we wanted to see Jersey Boys but couldn't fit it into our schedule . (That was the year of our "Americana Extravaganza" when we kept to a pretty tight schedule.)

It immediately became our most important thing to do when we saw that it was playing in Las Vegas. Yes, even right up there with Gary's gambling (he calls it gaming,) that's how much we want to see it. And, in Gary's words, it was the best show he's ever seen! Yes, better than Lion King, yes, better than Phantom of the Opera, yes, better than Fiddler on the Roof, yes, better than 42nd St, yes, better get the idea.

The show was an interesting biography, the ups and downs, of the Four Seasons group with the music worked into it. Did you know that Joe Pesci, yes the famous actor before he became a successful actor and just a Jersey boy himself, was instrumental in their early years? Casting of the actors was great; it was hard to remember that Frankie was not really THE Frankie! (Of course the real Frankie is now 75 years old!)

The next day while we were shopping at the Premium Outlets Gary wandered into a music store and bought a two-CD album so we are Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons complete!

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