Saturday, February 20, 2010

Manicures and feels good!

I've never been much into manicures and pedicures but every once in awhile Gary gives me a gift certificate for one or both which I hold for a very long time. Well, yesterday I decided that I should use the ones dated 12/23/2008 so I took myself over to the Magic Nails shop.

The first thing they called out to me was "pick a color" and I turned to see this rack of literally dozens of nail polish to chose from! Amazingly one color popped out at me so I didn't have to agonize over a color. Then I climbed into the chair which was outfitted with electric message which rolled up and down my back. This is pretty neat! Feet go into the little jacuzzi tub, ahh that feels good! Clipping, snipping, filing, buffing, lotions...pampering feels good! The final step is the polish. I don't like my fingernails to be painted bright colors so I choose clear but the toes, yes, I love the bright Cha-Ching Cherry red!

But the pretty nails part aren't as important (although I admit that my hands and feet do look a whole lot better!) as the wonderful foot and hand messages that are part of the process. Why in the world don't I do this more often?

P.S. Toes really are pretty ugly aren't they...even when they're painted Cha-Ching Cherry?>

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