Friday, February 26, 2010

Our poet is published

Our grandson Jorden writes Slam poetry and regularly competes at a local coffee house. One of the coveted prizes, not even 1st prize, is a rubber chicken! He has three, two of which are shown in this photo. That's Grandma Henrietta in the purple dress and Chicktoria in the black strapless dress. I didn't know about Slam poetry being a genre but was impressed when a young man performed it at the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Olympics.
Last Sunday five Seniors from our local high school here in California were involved in a car crash. Fortunately no one was killed but the relatively small school of about 600 has been pretty shaken. Our grandson Jorden wrote this poem and was asked to recite it at the school board meeting last night. Not a dry eye plus he received a standing ovation. It was also published in the local paper, the Cedar St. Times!

by Jorden Thomas
Memories spent reminiscing
about the past when things
were different are floating away
now. Reality has struck the
heart of every individual and
silence strikes back with a force
never before seen. Lives have
been affected by the mistakes
of youthfulness and the dreams
of the wise. Yes, our community
has been affected. Yes, we find
ourselves experiencing an
uncomfortable sense of calm,
our breathes deepening and
our eyes filled with tears. Do I
know them well? No. Am I liked
by them? I don’t know. But they
are classmates…They are
people with whom, for the last
four years, I have gone through
the epic journey of high school.
The times are rough for those
who sat in classrooms with
them. The times are even more
difficult for those close to them.
And for family members, the
pain is unimaginable! Tragedies
of this degree always strike in
unexpected ways and at
unforeseen times. This tragedy
just happened to occur on a
rain-slicked highway in the
darkness of a Sunday morning.
Now, our mourning must travel
a road that will end in triumph
over an event that is already life
changing. To my fellow
students: I give you my undying
respect. To my community: I
give you my condolences.

We are Breakers…We are
family…We are strong.
We are unbreakable!

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