Friday, December 03, 2010

# 41’s Presidential Library & Museum

One of our traveling goals is to visit all of the twelve Presidential Libraries. (ground was broken for #43’s at SMU in Dallas in November--it will be #13)  So far we’ve done Hoover, Truman, Carter, Clinton, and Kennedy.  And, of course we’re Californians so we haven’t been to the two in our state: Nixon and Reagan!  Our main reason for staying in College Station, Texas was to visit President George H.W. Bush’s Library & Museum which is located on the campus of Texas A&M University.

I particularly like the way it focuses on both his personal and public life.



The special exhibit was one my favorites:

The Heart Truth

first ladies

Red Dress Collection


Jackie O’s is the only one enclosed in a case


Hundreds of area school children were touring the library.  Yes, it was noisy until they left!  I had to laugh as I watched the kids climbing on President Bush’s shoulders, poking his eyes, sticking their fingers in his ear and up his nose!


Barbara & George were married in January 1945.  This is her dress:


The Gulf War exhibit


A real section of the Berlin wall.  I wonder why the “graffiti” is all in English?


President Bush loves to fish so his library has a lake…and he fishes in it!


And it is decorated for Christmas!


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  1. That was wonderful to learn all about that - keep posting.
    So what will you do for Christmas?