Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I got it. . .I got it. . .I got it! Wahoo!

You’ve already heard my whining about going to the RV park laundry room to access wi-fi.   (See previous post) 

Enuf already!  After a couple days of sitting on a very hard metal folding chair in the laundry room I decided to strike out in search of a solution, started by Googling wi-fi signal booster and discovered that YES there is such an animal as a signal booster!  Considering my limited knowledge of what I needed and whether or not it would really work for me I really didn't want to order on-line, but; encouraged by my on-line search I set out to the bricks and mortar stores, first, Radio Shack, (why do I ever go there. . .they never have what I need!) Staples, Best Buy--nothing.  “Oh, you just need a router,”  “No, there is nothing like that” were some of the sales answers I received.  I learned that you have to have an idea of what you need or you will be sold something totally irrelevant.

During my research I checked on ATT air cards but the monthly fee is about $59-nope, in my opinion too much.   While at the ATT store I learned more about tethering my laptop to my IPhone.  For me not an acceptable plan for me for a couple of reasons:  1. Signal not always very strong   2. Have to add an additional data package which is $20 for 2GB a month--- more money plus I would have to carefully watch usage so as to not go over 2GB!  (Of course, my dream and the ultimate is a rooftop satellite system but this is VERY expensive both when purchasing the equipment and monthly fees.)

Finally, at Frye's I talked to the perfect geeky salesperson!  "Yes, of course we have several choices” and lead me over to show me a couple of Hawking Technology signal boosters. . . I settled on a Hi-Gain Wireless-N USB Network Dish Adapter.


$66 and easy to install!   Got it home, took it out of the box, popped the CD into the drive and performed the easy installation, set up the 4” dish in the window and NOTHING!  I was too far away to receive the RV park network signal although the good news was I was getting a bunch of networks not previously seen (but neither of the two at our RV park!)  Woe is me--$66 wasted although I could tell it was a good product.  Oh well, I decided to keep it for future use since experience has shown that a weak wi-fi signal is a common occurrence in RV parks. 

The network signal I was attempting to receive is located in this restaurant on the grounds of the RV park.  The Silver Stream pull trailer was probably blocking my reception.

DSCN2474.JPG with arrow

THEN, yesterday I moved the dish up to the top of the window and WAHOO, I got the signal.  I’m on!  No more laundry room! 


Ain’t technology wonderful!

Food note:  the restaurant, Boudreaux's has great red beans & rice!

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  1. I don't know if I've told you how much I enjoy your blog! Always something fun and interesting!
    Carroll turned me on to it.
    (I'm Susan Walters Turney...MHS clas of 63).
    Keep posting....I love to read about all your adventures and how much you two are enjoying life!!!!