Friday, May 06, 2011

Just an ordinary day in Washington, D.C. . .Wow!

After visiting the off-the-National Mall beaten path Smithsonian Renwick Gallery we walked by the northern side of the White House.   While planning for the President’s House George Washington felt that it should be “Not too grand but grand enough” and that’s what it is.


So, since we were there we thought we might as well walk a little further (my feet weren’t hurting THAT MUCH  yet) and go around to the southern entrance.


Security personnel soon moved us away from the sidewalk saying it was a periodic thing they do.  When we noticed that the snipers on the roof of the White House and a couple of the nearby office buildings seemed to be especially vigilant we decided to hang around and see why they had shooed everyone away. 


Soon we saw people gathering on the lawn near the entrance. Something was going on!


Then one lone helicopter made a pass but flew on by.


Followed shortly by three big copters which flew east to west but these three also flew on by. (Sorry, but I couldn’t get all three in one photo.)


and then behind us from the south came ONE, then a SECOND both of which flew over the Washington Monument and the White House, and THEN a THIRD approaching much more slowly.


--- it was Air Force One with the President aboard!  I’m guessing that he was returning from the Ground Zero trip to NYC.





Coming in for the landing.  I could see Secret Service agents moving out to various places on the lawn.


On the ground at precisely 4:00 p.m.  The observers were clapping and taking pictures.  He debarked on the far side but I'm sure I saw his shoes!DSCN4807

A quick couple of minutes and Air Force One took off directly toward. . .


and over our heads!


Quite a special happening we hadn’t planned for. . .WOW!


  1. How amazing that you just happened to be there on that particular day and that time.

    Very interesting.

    A lot of work and money for one man.

    Loved it,

  2. Loved your post with its "You Are There" sense of immediacy. Thank you so much!

  3. How exciting was that!?

    We have a daughter and her family who live close to the mountain where Camp David is located. They sometimes see motorcades passing by, and the helicopters flying overhead.

    Have a great time traveling down the highway.