Monday, May 02, 2011

Lunch. . .and another Carnegie Library!

Found a Carnegie Library by accident yesterday wandering around D.C.  We were driving on Pennsylvania Avenue in the Southeast section of the city when I caught a glimpse (as coach John Madden once said “out of the corner of my right eye”) down a side street. . . Carnegie Libraries have a distinctive architecture.  I told Gary to hook a U, which in the traffic took several blocks but we maneuvered back and there it was....sure appeared to be a Carnegie so I snapped a couple of photos through the window.  When we got home I looked it up and, yes, it is the Southeastern Branch which opened in 1922.  I will have to try and get back and see the interior.  This brings my total to seventy-one.  I don’t know how many are still standing but Andrew Carnegie gave grants for 1,689. . .I have a few more to visit don’t I?


Had lunch in a Cheesecake Factory in Chevy Chase - Eggs Benedict is probably my favorite breakfast and mine was SO good! Gary had a Monte Cristo sandwich he said was delicious - wish I could have had both! (but no, I didn’t!) We were too full for dessert and passed on their delicious cheesecake but wish I had gotten a piece to-go 'cause it would have gone so good last night! Oh well, saved the calories.


  1. A library and a Cheesecake Factory? And the death of Osama on the same day? You're in a lucky string.

  2. Thanks for your visit to Ann's Reading Corner today.

    What a life Dulee has, everyone should have his kind of life, wait, you have a dog's life too.

    Glad you enjoy traveling, what a way to see the country. We retired to Iowa in 1998, we lived all our life around Grantsville, Maryland, off Interstate 68. It is a beautiful area to travel through in the Fall, the trees are just lovely in all their many colors in the Fall.

    Happy traveling and Reading.

  3. What a fun little library treasure hunt you have going on. And Cheesecake Factory....yum!!!

  4. You do have a lot more to see - does GA have any- come on down!