Sunday, June 05, 2011

I’m going to make books! Correction: I’ve made a book!

I found this book in the gift shop of the Renwick Gallery, the Smithsonian gallery which features American craft and decorative arts.  Umm, I can do this; I have no artistic talent but am creative and can follow directions very well!  Rather than carrying the book around that day I waited, found it on and saved about $10 over suggested retail.  I LOVE a deal!DSCN5233


The layout of the book seems to progress from very simple to difficult so I started by making this instant book from Chapter One-Instant Books. 



Instructions for making an instant book are quite simple and I mastered it very quickly.  Fold, fold, fold, fold, snip, pull apart and re-fold into book form---that’s it!  A book! 

Combining this newly acquired bookmaking skill with my computer skills I printed an 8-1/2” X 11” sheet of paper with graphics of a daisy, a birthday cake and birthday greetings to my sister. First go-round I had the birthday cake upside down so had to go back to the drawing board/computer. Second attempt was a success!


OK, that’s a little bit TOO simple, I’m moving on to the chapters on accordions, stab stitch, chapbooks, mutant (mutant. . . that sounds intriguing!), long stitch and Coptic books.  I’m working my way through the “How to Make Books” book.

Wait a minute!  I almost forgot that I made accordion books for our three children a few years ago. . . and I made them without any instructions!  I’m glad I took pictures of them.

A message to the kids is on the inside cover. 

HPIM1694 wallet

Three copies of each of the items in her wallet await assembling in the accordion books.


The covers are a stiff cardboard covered with black fabric to simulate the black plastic of Grandma Mary’s wallet. For the title on the front cover I found tiny scrapbooking frames at Michael’s Craft store.


Black poster paper was just thick enough but still folded quite easily into accordion “pages.”


Reverse side of the replica of a wallet photo holder.


I wonder how close I came to author Esther Smith’s method?  I’m not going to peek ahead; will wait until I get to that chapter!

This has absolutely nothing to do with books, but have to show you the wonderful lobster we had for dinner last night.  Price:  including a quart of (the best) clam chowder, the dinner for two was $36.84!  (yes, we are in Maine)



  1. Wow! That is so impressive! How wonderfully creative you are!

  2. How cool!!! I love it and I love what you are doing with your books. These are things they will treasure forever.

  3. Great looking dinner and books. When do you find the time to do all this! You are so artistic.

  4. Hi!! Thanks so much for stopping by Blueskies!! I look forward to seeing your R.V. adventures. We will be driving two from Maryland to California this summer. It should be a lot of fun!!

  5. The book making looks like fun!

    Denny and I will be in Maine the first week in July specifically to eat lobster. We haven't been back to Maine since 1999--I think we're due!

  6. Impressive! Love how you just went for it. I am such a procrastinator. Two more days of work and then 2 months off for the summer. I hope to get many projects started (and hopefully finished). :) Best wishes to you, Tammy