Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My age: I’m Beyond. . .

One of the segments on the Today Show a few days ago was “How to look good in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond.”  Wow, my age is beyond!  BEING a beyond is not a problem, but did I like being clumped into beyond?  Well, I wasn’t so sure, so I googled “50 and beyond” and came up with a wealth of BEYOND:

A magazine article Hairstyles for Women 40-50 and beyond is quite positive but still manages to convey the beyond group as being pretty anonymous:  “Women who are over forty, over fifty or beyond should wear their hair in any style they choose.  If your hair makes you feel good and you like the way it looks, wear it with confidence”  Even though I have this hair that does what it wants to with no regard to my choice, this is still good helpful information for beyonds! So far so good.

 Loving Life at 50 ~and Beyond  This is really a pretty nice blog with a great watercolor background. 

Staying Slim in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond.  This blog has some good information which is divided into two categories: “40’s” and “50’s and beyond 

A workout video by Angela Rippon Fabulously Fit at 50 & Beyond (No, I don’t workout so didn’t even watch it all the way through!)

Weightwatchers even has a group called FABulously Fit B4 50 & BEYOND!

I found a Beyond 50 Radio blog.

I like the description of Susanna Starr’s book Fifty and Beyond, New Beginnings in Health and Well-Being
“A non-authoritarian approach to fitness and well-being, aimed especially at people approaching and beyond age fifty (50). An inspiration during a time of mid-life for those who are ready for new beginnings. Clear and insightful suggestions for developing our potential through expanding the mind, caring for the body and celebrating the spirit.”

I read a few of this blogger’s very moving posts on Zero to Sixty and beyond and will be following her.

SOOO. . . my conclusion: although it feels somewhat like being in a grey cloud, beyond is not such a bad age.  While I have nothing against my chronological age I just may have changed my age to beyond!

Gary & I before we were beyond.

Oct 1972-0024

And here we are, both age beyond.

Thomas-MRLS-August 14, 2010 001


  1. Oh that is the cutest thing - I love your before and after pictures. They are so cute. You done good!

  2. I ♥ this post. And I'm WAAAAAAAAY "beyond". So far beyond it doesn't matter.

  3. Love the "Before" and "Beyond" photos! Glad there is so much stuff for Beyonds out there! That is such a funny term!

  4. ha ha ha ha ha ha You are so funny! Loved your post.

    Listen, I'm so far beyond that I'm beyond the beyond! Ha ha hahah And I'm still kickin, so that's a good thing.

    By the way, thanks for all your visits and comments on my blog. Always love it when you stop by. Susan

  5. I loved this post! Yes, it can be a little confusing to be "beyond". My blog is another "beyond" as in Living Fully in Midlife and Beyond. It sounded nice, but -- you're right -- it puts a whole lot of people, including me, in some age limbo. I think a lot of the women's magazines (for which I used to write) consider their demographics to end somewhere between 40-50 with the possible exception of "More." And maybe they're right: I find the content of most of them pretty uninteresting these days. I'm finding that your blog and some others address many more of my interests and concerns these days -- now that I, too, am way, way beyond!

  6. Ha! Great post! I love the photo of you and Gary before you were beyond! Ha! It is obvious ya'll have been journeying together since the day you met. Wonderful! Have a fabulous day. Tammy