Thursday, October 06, 2011

My Fresno Five. . .how DO they keep up?

This is a recent E mail from daughter-in-law Denise.  In addition to the small slice of life in this re-cap she is a Special Ed Teacher and our son, Russ, is busy with his job.  Oh yes, there are also two active Jack Russell terriers in the mix!


From left, Stanley, athlete extraordinaire, Mary, cheerleader and all around girly-girl, Will, just a character!

Friday: 2:30: Stanley is starting QB for Eaton Eagles Flag Football team. They played the #1 school (the GATE school) Our Eagles scored 4 touchdowns in their proud defeat. Stanley had his first bloody, busted lip. his friends ran up to me......Stanley lost a tooth! Thank goodness that wasn't true.

Friday: 3:30: Mom sold snow cones at Powers-Ginsburg Carnival and purchased home made tamales for Dad.

Friday: 7:00: Mary cheered at High School game for Hoover Patriots. The girls even danced on the field at half-time. Awesome job Lil' Pates!

Friday: 10:00: Dad to bed, Mom with feet up and kids playing (are you kidding me?)

Saturday:7:30 : Stanley and Mom to soccer game/ Stan played goalie. Mom held her breathe for two straight 20 min. periods. We lost by one. Our boy did a good job.

Saturday: 8:00: William, Mary, Kylee and Dad head to Wills soccer game. Tie. But they got donuts on the we will call it a win.

Saturday: 11:00: Mary and Mom to Allison's shower. Very nice luncheon, Grandma Lisa made cakes and cookies with Aubree's name in icing. Cute cupcakes she made into rattles uses plastic shovel handles. Creative points there. Good turnout and lots of cute goodies for baby. (Grandma Mary would love all the Oakland A's attire) Mary almost won a game. She did make out with all the balloons.

Saturday: 4:00: Thomas family loads up and heads to Sanger. Mary and her crew, cheer their hearts out for the often defeated Lil Pates. We listen to Fresno State Bulldog game on radio driving home.

Saturday: 8:00: Pizza

Saturday: 9:00: Bed

Sunday: 1:00: Stanley's "bad news bears" baseball team only loses by one run to his old coach's team. A moral victory.

Sunday: 3:00: Mom's birthday dinner out..........yummy! Chicken coconut soup, favorite food on the planet!

Sunday: 5:00: Dad and Stanley jump fence at school and play tennis while Mary and Wills flag down Ice cream truck. Mom watches.....smiling

Sunday: 7:00: Mom writes birthday Thank you notes.

Sunday: 9:30: Everyone full of popcorn and showered. Resting at last. Mom hits computer!

Our lives our full of blessings. Even if we are a bit stressed and fatigued at times. 

Oh how I remember the days of baseball, scouts, gymnastics, football, 4-H, cheerleading, band, church, that Gary and I were involved in with our three and, as she states at the end, we were also fatigued and stressed much of the time. Brings back wonderful memories and also makes me tired! Thank goodness I am now the Grammie who can relax and enjoy.


Our three in the 1970’s, these California kids didn’t see snow up close very often:  Russ, now Dad to the above, Kelle “Mom” to two cats, and Gary, Dad to Jorden.


  1. Wow! I'm exhausted just reading this! They live a very full and fun life!

  2. I think I'm tired reading it - that is why it is for the young! sandie lol

  3. Hello Betty, I love your blog...I know you see places I will never see. We may have something in common. I see on your facebook that you may have gone to EUHS in Placerville. I went there and my graduation year was 1964. But I got married in 1963 and we are still together. My name is school "Mary Stinnett", a red head from LA. I have my year book for 62...we will see. Thank you for coming by...Mary

  4. Ah, so much fun, so much energy all around! Good to see you around. Do you return home in the winter months or just look for more adventures?