Friday, October 28, 2011

Where did Halloween creativity go?

Yesterday while I was buying “Trick or Treats” to mail to Stanley, Mary and Will in Fresno I noticed several aisles displaying hundreds of Halloween costumes.  And they weren’t cheap!   I can only imagine what families with several children must be spending on costumes.

Gosh, I must be getting old!  Where are the days when people and kids actually created their costumes?  When my three were growing up I kept a big box full of all kinds of piece-parts for costumes.  After Russ, Gary and Kelle decided what they wanted to “BE” they would dump the box out onto the family room floor and chose from the many items to create their costume.  If need be, we would head out to the fabric store to purchase additional items to finish out their costumes. After Halloween these new fixings would be added to the box. 

A few years later, when he was about two, I made grandson Jorden into a bright yellow M&M.  Wish I had the pictures with me to show you; I’m not at home this week and have only the photos on my laptop and flash drive to chose from. 

Seemed that they got almost as much pleasure in creating their costume as they did in the actual Trick or Treating event.  Yes, of course, they did LOVE getting all that candy!

That’s me on far right, Gary is second from left sometime in the 70’s. Our costumes were also created from the “Halloween box.”


Kelle and her brother (Was it Russ or Gary? I can’t tell!)1978-March-01

Gary and I.  My “wig” was a floor mop dyed red. Yes, Gary is in dyed red long-johns!


Grandson Jorden- “The Nerd”


When the kids were all costumed and ready to go out trick or treating they grabbed a grocery bag or pillow case for their stash.  This morning on the Today Show a guest stated:  “It’s over with the paper bags” and displayed various fancy trick or treat containers which seem to be the current must have.

Yeah! At least some people are still doing hand-made costumes. Bobbie Thomas of the Today Show has some ideas:  Loved the Smurfs and Holy Cow and Deviled Egg!

I also found this site with some cute ideas: Bearded Circus Lady and Cute as a Button seem easy and fun.

OK, so creativity is not entirely dead, just lying low.

I do love how Jack O Lantern carving has taken a creative turn.  Now, in addition to the traditional “mouth with teeth, triangle nose and eyes:”

imagesCAVYE4F7 traditional

creativity has taken jack 0 lanterns to whole new level:

images jack o lantern unusual

untitled jack o lantern 3

images jack o lantern

Happy Halloween!

untitled jack o lantern group



  1. I so agree about the lack of creativity...I read the amount people will spend in the U.S. on Halloween. It's astounding. I want to say it was close to 6.8 billion dollars! It's insane.

    I really like the pictures of your costumes! Fun.
    Happy Halloween.

  2. You know I agree with you - but the world is so frezied now - everything is fast paced - everyone is so busy and in a hurry - we want to go meals in a hurry - fast foods - fast costumes....

    Well I do hope you have a great Halloween- will you get any trick or treaters by you?


  3. Oh I am sooo with you, and I did just that..visit my blogs and see me in my made up Swamp Lady and the Hair stylist lady, I just love to make mine up and I usually do every year...I agree the costume industry has blossomed into $$$$$ and I feel for the larger families...loved your photos... http://pbdesigns, toodles, Debb

  4. I think you'd find this post delightful!

    When I read it, I thought of you :)

  5. I'm so with you on creating costumes. How boring to just go out and buy something. We came up with some pretty strange concoctions for our kids when they were little.

  6. Opps, the previous comment was made by me, not Jennee. I'm always hitting the wrong profile button!

  7. Thank you for taking us on a delightful flashback to Vintage Halloween fun & creative costuming... I totally agree that creativity for the Holidays is so much more unique and enjoyable! Everything mass produced is so predictable and common... we celebrate "Old School" Style *winks* and I want to thank you for coming by with your sweet comments to my Halloween Post, glad you enjoyed it.

    Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian