Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Into the past. . .

A few years ago I started doing a Christmas newsletter.  This 1992 Thomas Times is the first of the series and I have pretty much followed this format on all of them since 1992.  I created it on my computer but at that time I was not on-line to download clip art and graphics. (Was anyone?) so this first edition was a bit plain-Jane. The photo was “pasted” on and I then made copies at the copy store.  Since color copies were very expensive in 1992 I’m quite sure that it went out to friends and family in black and white format.

For volume number I use the number of years Gary and I have been married.

1992-pg 1

Page 2

1992-pg 2

What is your opinion about Christmas newsletters? Do you enjoy receiving and reading them? (Be honest, my feelings won’t be hurt; I know that lots of people REALLY don’t like them!)  Do you write one yourself?

I love writing, receiving and reading them – even the bad ones!  It is so much more interesting than receiving a card with no message.  I also love receiving photo greeting cards.


  1. I love them if they are honest and not just pages and pages of bragging - know what I mean? sandie

  2. I LOVE Christmas newsletters and I do one for my family … depite my husband's criticism of it!

  3. I love Christmas newsletters! I also love receiving pictures of children and growing families. I have a bulging album filled with pictures of friends' children over the years and am now collecting pictures of their children. Especially when people live at a distance, it's a pleasure to watch their children grow up in pictures at least! I also love little personal notes scribbled on newsletters or attached to them with a little personal message. One of my favorite Christmas pleasures is the mail!