Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Button, button. . .Mom’s buttons

Today it has been 16 years since we lost my Mom.  I still think about picking up the phone to call and talk to her! 


A few weeks ago I went through a box of buttons I saved from her many many and sold these fourteen.  Since I am definitely not a blinge-type girl I chose to auction the rhinestone buttons on E-Bay. When the auction ended I had made $5.98!


One of Mom’s button boxes was this wooden codfish box.  I’m thinking she made lutefisk with the codfish---no, my sister, brother & I did NOT eat smelly lutefisk!


A couple of really pretty vintage red buttons.


Mom was a recycler before recycling was called recycling.  She tied matching buttons together with bits of thread, string or yarn, sewed them by hand onto index cards or miscellaneous pieces of button cards.


Vintage buttons on original cards.  Isn’t the red triangle button cute?


I love the lady in a hat graphics on these 1940’s era Luckyday button cards. “The talk of the town” and imagine, only 5 cents!


LeChic toggle buttons possibly circa 1950’s. . .  25 cents!


As I wrote about Mom’s buttons I did some Googling and learned that button collecting is a hobby!  There is an online Google group called Button Bytes and even a National Button Society founded during the depression, which numbers 3,000 members who preserve and study clothing buttons; even exhibit and receive awards for their buttons and collections.

I’m quite sure that, even though Mom had a LOT of buttons, she didn’t consider herself a collector but doesn’t an item become a collection once you have more than three of them?  Mom had a button collection!!


  1. Those buttons were cool - they don't make buttons or moms like they used to. sandie

  2. I truly believe this is a group and a collector for almost everything! Thanks for sharing this. It was neat to see something different!

  3. Thanks so much for leaving a comment over at the old Back Porch. I appreciate it so much. I'm not back there full time. Still blogging at Typepad. However, I am going to post now and then over at the old blog just to keep it going, for awhile. I thought Spring was the perfect time to post something.

    I love the buttons! They bring back happy memories for me.

  4. That's a lovely picture of your mom. She looks like she was a sweet lady. My mom always saved buttons. I can't imagine that there isn't a home anywhere that doesn't have a little container of buttons somewhere. I have my own jar that I use for crafting. Ironically, I can barely sew on a button and make it stay. :)

    My dashboard does not update for all the blogs I follow so I haven't been over here in a while. I can't even change the blogs in my sidebar. Very aggravating. Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Tammy

  5. Love the vintage button cards, gorgeous, indeed from another era! Your Mum is the cutest....