Thursday, April 05, 2012

Book Lovers. . .I am one

This is today’s Real Simple Daily Thought.  I always have Gary on one side and Dulee on my other but I have also ALWAYS read in bed and am definitely a book lover.  Oh, and look, on the night stand is a teapot and cup of tea. . .one of my other big fav’s!


Dulee, twelve pound white Bichon Frise, on our bed.


My morning cup of Earl Grey tea.  My daughter Kelle gave me this beautiful cup.


Books and reading in bed---a good thing.


  1. Oh I SO agree with you. Books and reading in bed. Ahhhhh, such a wonderful way to go. Love, love, love it. Thanks, too,for all your visits to my blog and your comments. Love when you stop by. A most joyous Easter to you! Susan

  2. Books and bed are like me and chocolate -- meant to be together!

  3. Absolutely, who can just go to sleep without a little read first?! And, I adore that teacup!

  4. That Dulee is a precious furbaby! And your cup is very pretty. Hope all is well! Best wishes, Tammy

  5. I love to read, but I do most of my reading in my LaZboy, not very often in bed. But, I love the cup of tea right next to my chair.