Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Amaryllis and Orchids

My Christmas Amaryllis has finally bloomed, a little late but better than never.  I started it on December 6th which is about when I start them every year but I’m thinking it was delayed because we were away on our trip to Washington for 12 days and the room was cooler than normal.  One stem has four brilliant red blooms and the other has three.  One year I had one which had five blooms on one stem!

While checking to make sure I had the correct spelling, I found this definition of amaryllis on  Makes them sound pretty special doesn’t it?

"Amaryllis" means sparkling in Greek. Referring to its large star shape, "Hippeastrum," or horse star, is the scientific name for this blossom. The brilliant red amaryllis flower symbolizes radiant beauty.

I took it outside to get the best light for a picture. Notice my first narcissus of this year at the bottom of the photo?  REALLY early even for California!


Close-up of one bloom.


My son and daughter-in-law Gary and Vivian gave me an orchid plant for Christmas.  I think it is a Cattleya coccinea or Sophronitis coccinea  (had to look that up too.) It has small blossoms. I was drinking my tea the other morning and noticed the sun shining on them.  Grabbed my camera to catch that light and this is what I got. 


As you can see the background wasn’t so great so grabbed a piece of paper and held it behind the orchid to get my shot. I’m waiting for the orchid in the background to bloom again.  I tried leaving it outside and it didn’t like it!



Enjoy your day!


  1. It is gorgeous - are you still traveling?

  2. Ohhhh, beautiful! I love those flowers.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting, too! Loved your visit. Susan