Monday, January 28, 2013

I forgot what I did!

I forgot for awhile that I had a Hotmail e mail account!  When I remembered and checked it a couple of days ago I found a bunch of E mails dating back to May of last year.  UMM, I thought “Why are my Blogger friends E mailing me on this account?”   “I’d better figure this out.  Oh, its right here in my account settings!”  I’m thinking that I was leery of privacy, spamming, hacking etc. when I jumped into this new fangled blogging thing in 2003 and thought I’d better use my “junk mail” E mail address just in case.

I had nice notes from several bloggers.  No, Chatty we’re not presently on the road but sure get itchy hitch quite often.  Yes, Michael, I’ll send you some of my photos of Carnegie Library fireplaces.  Martha, in May I actually won the yellow California pottery tea cup set and you saved it and are sending it to me!Thank you!pacific pottery

Oh yes, there was also a lot of junk mail.  I’ll let that continue but have definitely changed my contact E mail so I will receive your nice notes.

I’ve been working with computers a very long time but does learning ever stop?  Not for me!!!

puzzled computer lady 2

(Yes, I really have frizzy hair like that.)


  1. This really made me smile - I too have an account for something else and I constantly have to remind myself to check it occasionally.
    Totally loved the blooms in your previous post!